START NOW is a series of interactive assembly programs for students in grades 4-12 designed to recruit, 

retain, and prepare current and future artists for success during their time in school and beyond. Created by 

CMA National Music Teacher of Excellence and ten-year CMS veteran music teacher Kevin Brawley, these 

programs are unique and unpredictable in their delivery, but also practical and intentionally planned in their 

methods. Students will learn about how arts education can impact their future in ways they may not currently 

see. They will experience how being an artist of any kind changes the way we exist in the world. Every student 

participates in the experience by creating an original piece of art together in real time using a mix of studio 

recording technology and traditional tools. Students will leave START NOW inspired, entertained, and well informed 

about the value of an arts education now and throughout their lives. 


“Don’t wait for life to pass you by... START NOW!”




START NOW SERIES 1 – all 4th and 5th grade students 


LENGTH: 60 minutes 


In the first level of the START NOW series, elementary students will be exposed to various artistic avenues 

they are able to pursue immediately or will be able to pursue as they grow older (music, visual art, dance, 

theater). For each artistic discipline that is explored, we will create and build a supporting section of a song 

together using professional studio recording equipment and technology. Students will participate throughout 

the presentation by adding their own lyrics, movements, and voices to the song. This song will ultimately tell 

the story of why the arts are important, why they should pursue the arts as they grow older, and why they 

should START NOW. Students will receive a recording of their original song upon completion of this program 

as well as resources to encourage them in their journey towards an arts filled life.





START NOW SERIES 2 – all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students 


LENGTH: 60 minutes 

In the next level of the START NOW series, middle school students will learn about the benefits of arts 

education as it relates to core academic subjects and social life in school, personal expression, and future 

career opportunities. It will also demonstrate the value of keeping the arts a part of their lives even with 

outside factors influencing them to do the opposite. Students will experience a song being created live using 

professional recording equipment and participate by adding their own percussion, vocals, and ad libs to the 

song as it comes together. This song will be created, dismantled, and rebuilt/remixed to show the negative 

effects of giving up on the arts at any stage along the way, as well as how rich and fulfilling their lives can be if 

they choose to stick with arts education. Students will receive a recording of their original song upon 

completion of this program as well as resources to prepare them for the next level of their artistic journey.





START NOW SERIES 3 – all high school arts students 


LENGTH: 60 minutes 

In the final level of the START NOW series, current high school arts students will be exposed to potential 

opportunities and career paths they may not have considered on their own. Students will learn about the 

process of following their “GPS” to create a GOAL, follow through with a PLAN, and be prepared to STRUGGLE 

before seeing their final reward. This interactive and free flowing presentation features a song being created 

in front of them using studio recording technology and a live looping performance, as well as a group visual art 

piece to be created in real time by participating students. Students will leave with a broader perspective on 

their future relationship with the arts and an appreciation for the artistic path they have already followed up 

to this point in their lives. The finished visual art piece will remain at the school upon completion of this 

program and students will receive resources to help them as they plan their artistic lives moving forward.