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  1. So Sweet

From the recording So Sweet

In 2002, we decided that we were going to try a new approach to the recording process - do it all ourselves. One thing about this band is that we never pocketed one cent from any show, album, or tshirt. Every penny went back into the band. We had bought vans for touring, lots of gear, paid for studio time, and finally paid to turn our rehearsal space into a studio. By now, we were playing with a new guitarist - Philberto Crimaldi - and our sound had mellowed considerably. Mason was married, I was a father about to be married, and our seperate home lives were seeping into the music. "Syzygy," our fourth and final album, seemed on the outside to be an excercise in socialism through music. We wrote it, recorded it, produced it, and released it. Looking back on it, I feel there are great moments on there, but I think we were slowly coming to the realization that it was over. We weren't the tight knit unit we were in 1998. We had things that were bigger than the band. We released this album then threw in the towel soon thereafter. I don't want this to sound like a death rattle, though. We played some of our best shows during this period. In all honesty, I think if you asked any fan of Picadilly Circus when we were our best - they would say during the "Syzygy" era.