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  1. 655321

From the recording 655321

Northeast Ohio circa 1998 was a pretty cool time and place to be in a band. There were a ton of different styles floating around and a feeling that literally anything could happen. We were exploring ideas on and off stage - trying to come up with ways to push the envelope of what Picadilly Circus could be. I think this picture sums up the era better than any I could find. We were a tight knit, aggressive, three piece rock band. We lived and breathed this band. We released our first full length album - "Dangerous Open Minded Behavior" in the fall of 1998. I remember one reviewer trying to wrap his head around it writing something like - "take one part Pearl Jam, add a bit of Living Colour, throw in a Pantera-like throbbing rhythm section and you're about 1/4 the way there." This particular song, "655321," features that throbbing rhythm section - notably Allen Ilg on drums. Listening back to our songs and live shows from this period, I am always amazed at how fast and hard we were all playing, especially Allen.