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  1. Mike TV

From the recording Mike TV

The setting is 1994, in the bustling metropolis of Tallmadge, OH... After several early incarnations featuring other members, my first band - Picadilly Circus released our first ep - a casette tape called "Deja Boo." It featured lifetime Circus members Mason P. Shuman on bass and vocals and Allen Ilg on drums. It also featured Admiral Dave Yatsu on rhythm guitar. It sold well at our high school - well enough that we started playing shows. This song, "Mike TV," was probably my favorite from the early days. It features the lyrical style of Mason I would love hearing over the coming years. His poetic, metaphorical style was a huge influence on me and still is. One thing I remember from these very early days is how people had no idea how to respond to us (a theme that would reoccur many times throughout our career) One student who shall remain nameless asked me, "So, do these songs actually mean anything?"