Autoharp madness! 

Some days I could see it clearly… Some days I had to focus intently to even catch a glimpse of it… As long as I was looking forward, it was always there.


I’ve got this autoharp, right? This old, crappy, dust covered, CMS-standard-issue autoharp. It is one of those instruments you inherit as a music teacher that you can’t imagine ever using. They are a bitch to tune, they’re awkward and heavy, and they don’t look even remotely cool to the kids.

My first few years teaching, I would let my students…

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Trim the fat 

Hello, everyone! This is my first teaching blog post.


I know there are a million teacher blogs out there that can show you a million ways to teach "Hot Cross Buns" on recorder. This is not that blog. I am a real person who has real struggles, but also one who also happens to have real success in the classroom. I am cut from a different cloth, and I hope this blog can follow suit. Thank you for your attention and your open mind as we start this journey together. Without further ado...


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speaking events

Previous events


VAMEA state conference

VAMEA state conference, Hot Springs, VA

I will be delivering the presentation, "Seven Strategies for Teaching General Music to Students with Autism" on Friday morning at 11:45


"7 strategies for teaching music to students with autism"

NCMEA state conference, 301 W 5th St, Winston-Salem, NC

I will be presenting "7 strategies for teaching music to students with autism" at the NC Music Educators Association state conference 


CMS Learning Symposium

Ovens Auditorium, 2700 East Independence Blvd., Charlotte, NC

CMS will be having a huge back to school learning symposium for the entire CMS teaching family. I will be speaking at all 5 sessions.   8/20 - 10am and 2pm 8/21 - 10am and 2pm 8/22 - 10am